This is a remaster of the second episode of The Space Giants, a weekly sci-fi action series from 1950s Japan about a 50-foot-tall robot from Galaxy 

ZRF called Goldar and his wife Silvar. They were created by an outer space scientist named Mathusem to defend Earth against a sinister mastermind–also from outer space–named Rodak. Rodak has an endless legion of giant monsters to help him in his dastardly plans. The show was dubbed into English for U.S. audiences and ran on Saturday mornings for much of the 1960s and into the 1970s. 

Goldar is about 10 times bigger than Silvar, but that may be normal in space robot society. In episode 1, Goldar befriends an Earth boy named Mikko who helps in the fight against Rodak. Later, Goldar and Silvar make a robot version of Mikko and name him Gam. Gam then lives with Goldar and Silvar in their space volcano home. Those seem like strange choices at first, but when you look at it from the perspective of a giant space robot with long flowing hair, it makes enough sense.

The plot absurdities with the overdubbed English, the primitive special effects, and the giant rubber-suited monsters battling through the streets of Tokyo are classic, retro, sci-fi magic.