18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham was a forward thinking man of many achievements. In addition to being a philosopher he was an economist, social reformer, and the founder of the University College London. In Philosophy, he is known as the father of Utilitarianism. One of his most enduring principles is that the morally correct path in any situation is whatever brings about the greatest good for the greatest number. He even proposed the idea of Hedonic Calculus–the notion if pleasure and pain could be quantified into units called hedons and anti-hedons, this would form a practical guide for living. (This made him profoundly unpopular with the church, in addition to, oh, everything else about him.) In his will he stipulated that upon his death, he body was to be mummified, preserved, kept in a cabinet at the college and then wheeled out for parties and important events. Even more specifically, he specified that his body was to be dissected by a friend and that his head was to be preserved in the manner of the Maori tribe. All of those requests were honored but the head mummification was slightly botched, so the university made a wax head to put on the body and placed the real head between his feet and later in a separate box due to a series of pranks and mishaps.