There are good movies. There are bad movies. Then there are movies that are so bad they’re good. And then there are movies that are so bad they’re just terrible. But then there is a fifth category of movie, and this is perhaps the most unique: movies that are so terrible; so profoundly, horrifyingly god-awful; so utterly devoid of anything resembling a redeeming value that they are more art than even the most carefully crafted art film. These are the movies that elevate shitty, lowbrow filmmaking to a level that transcends even the very best high art. Gypsy Angels sits at the very pinnacle of this category.

We could give you a review or a synopsis but this is what you need to know: in 1980, Vanna White played a stripper who falls in love with a stunt pilot in a film directed by–of course–Alan Smithee.