This mini-documentary by Kirsten Dirksen takes us into the world of Aaron Fletcher, a subsistence dairy farmer and nomadic philosopher-shepherd who wanders the west coast with his sheep in a practice he calls “guerilla grazing,” which is taking them around to graze–with permission–in vacant lots, medians, side yards, and other empty or underused spaces. He started this lifestyle 12 years ago when he made the conscious decision to live as simply and freely as possible. He sleeps and cooks in a tiny metal cart, happily pulled by his sheep, as he wanders around bartering his labor to small farms in exchange for food or permission to spend more time on the land. He’s put a lot of thought and energy into engineering his cart and supplies for maximum efficiency–it makes the whole tiny home thing seem pretty opulent. He’s his own man doing his own thing, thinking about how to solve the world’s problems, and inspiring other people to think about how they can live more simply, too.